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harlinn::windows - A C++ library targeting Windows 7 and above

The library contains more than 400 c++ classes, but it's still fair to say that it has a long way to go.

Some of the library features: 

  • Windows API errors are converted to exceptions
  • Maps COM HRESULT to exceptions when appropriate
  • Direct2D wrapper classes
  • DirectWrite wrapper classes
  • Windows Imaging Component wrapper classes
  • Windows Property System wrapper classes
  • Core COM utility and interface wrapper classes
  • Extensive use of std::shared_ptr<> prevents resource leakage
  • GDI Bitmap, Icon, Font, Brush, Pen and Device Context classes
  • String, DateTime, TimeSpan and a high resolution Stopwatch
  • User interface controls are in the works 
  • Initial implementation of a Parallel Sparse Matrix solver based on the SuperLU_MT library by Xiaoye Sherry Li et al.


    The project requires the Boost C++ libraries.

    Best regards

    Espen Harlinn

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